We can create dreads on all types of hair. Minimum length to achieve dreads is 3-4 inches.

We do not use any product – dreads are created using the crochet or ‘thai’ style method. Have a look at our gallery for start-ups. After the dreads are created, they will stick out and look a little strange because we make them tight so they will stay in. It takes a few days for your dreads to settle in.

On initial discussion we’ll have a chat about the dreads that you would like to have– if you have pictures of those dream dreads you’ve seen that’s great! We’ll take about sizing and placement eg. random/ bricklay/ side-part/ middle-part/ fringe /undercut etc. Then the process is threefold with initial separation by crochet; next, a type of backcomb method we use with our own handmade tool (much more effective and minimises loss of length); followed by crochet along the entire length to bring it all together and lock it in. Depending on the hair length and number of dreads the process takes around 3 to 7 hours.

We’ll take a few breaks to stretch throughout the day. We have music and films & you are most welcome to bring along a friend.

In the process of creating dreads we do not use any products of any type – nor do we recommend or endorse the use of products to achieve or maintain dreads. It is not necessary for us to use anything else to create solid and healthy dreadlocks.


Prices: All service work is $120 + GST per hour (Includes both of us dreading)

Short: 3-4 hours (to the chin)
Medium: 4-6 hours (Chin to shoulders)
Long: 6-8 hours (Shoulder to shoulder blades)
Extra long: 8-10 hours (Beyond shoulder blades)